Woman Killed While Crossing The Street

Posted by on Aug 10, 2013

An elderly woman was killed while crossing the street in fort Collins, according to 9 News. The 80year-old woman had run out of gas, and did not have her cell phone with her. She was crossing College Ave. to a bar which appeared to be the only business open at the time, presumably to use the phone. While crossing the street, she was hit by a car whose driver police believe was drunk at the time. As she lay in the street, she was actually hit by two more cars. One driver stopped to check on her and called 911, the other driver fled. The driver who first hit her faces Class 3 felony charges of drunken vehicular homicide.

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22 people were killed in traffic accidents in Larimer County in 2011, according to the National Traffic Highway Safety Administration. That is 22 families forced to deal with the unexpected loss of a loved one just because of a car accident. While it is impossible to know the circumstances of every one of those accidents, it is safe to say that some of them, possibly most of them, were avoidable. Statistically speaking, it is likely that about 1/3 of them involved a drunk driver.

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