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Posted by on May 30, 2012

According to the Denver Post, a woman who is charged with criminally negligent homicide and child abuse after a car accident in 2011 will be going to trial. The woman, who had been traveling extremely fast on Grant St. in Thornton rear-ended another car, causing the deaths of all five occupants, and minor injury to herself and the two children in her own car. Prosecutors say that she had two seizure-like episodes, and had been advised by her doctor not to drive until she was seen by a neurologist, but could not afford the specialist. The woman says that she has no recollection of the crash, and that a medical incident was the cause of the accident.

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Of course, a newspaper article is not enough to understand the complexities of a criminal case, particularly one in which a medical condition is involved, and so we really don’t know what happened in this tragic accident. However, what we do know is that accidents do happen, and sometimes they result in criminal charges. If you face criminal charges, one of the most important functions of your Denver criminal defense attorney is to understand two things: good people can make bad decisions, and people are often charged with crimes that they didn’t commit. An attorney who can keep these two ideas in mind can always have the best interests of his or her clients at heart.

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