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“I met Attorney John Fuller during a terrible time in my life. I had been charged with a misdemeanor. I thought that I could get out of it by myself. My family and I were convinced that the charges would be dropped. But when I met with the District Attorney and then the Judge, both recommended I hire a lawyer. I did not take their advice and a few weeks later the police showed up to my house and arrested me. They told me that the charge had been elevated to a Class 3 Felony with the possibility of Life in Prison. At this point it was crystal clear that I needed a good lawyer, and fast.

I had never been in trouble with the law before this. I had no idea which way to turn. I did an internet search and contacted a few defense attorneys. Every Attorney I talked to gave me the same story. They told me my situation was pretty bad, due in part to the district I was being tried in. They gave me their fee schedules, introduced me to all their partners, and told me they hoped to be working with me soon. These meetings were somewhat informative, but very impersonal. I still felt completely lost and had no idea how to proceed.

John Fuller was different. I had called and left a message with his secretary, assuming I would hear from him in a few days. But John called me back within hours! He was kind and congenial. He listened to me and let me tell my story. He asked appropriate questions, inquired about my family, informed me his professional background, and told me about his experience defending my specific type of case.

I went to John’s office a few days later for a face to face meeting. I was greeted warmly by his assistant who presented me with materials related to Colorado law and the crime I had been accused of. That was very unexpected. None of the other law firms had done this. Upon meeting with John, I found him to be just as he was on the phone, warm and friendly, very well spoken, and endearing. John spoke straight to me. He prepared me for an uphill battle, but made sure it was clear that he would do everything within his power to help me with my situation. What impressed me the most was when John presented me with a breakdown of all the current charges and all the updated information on my case. The time stamp on the documents was from 3:00 AM ! Our meeting was at 9:00 AM the same day. This man was showing me his dedication and I hadn’t even hired him yet! We talked for well over an hour. Much longer than any of the other lawyers I had met with. I told John I wanted to meet with a few more law firms and that I would get back to him.

I knew that hiring the right attorney would be one of the most important decisions I would ever have to make. After considering all of the attorneys I had talked to I knew I needed to hire John Fuller. He was the only lawyer who truly seemed to care about me, my family, and my future.

John got right to work, quickly outlining a criminal defense strategy, tactics, and specific goals. He had an investigator talk to all the individuals involved in my case, information he used to compile a comprehensive outline of all of the facts. I had to do very little work. John took care of all of it. He kept in constant contact with the District Attorney’s office, keeping me informed at every turn. Going to court was intimidating. But going to court with John, I knew that everything was going to be alright. John had me extremely prepared every time we entered a court room. There were never any surprises.

After almost a year of battling with the courts I can now tell you that my decision to pick John Fuller was one of the best decisions of my life. John found a way to convince the courts that I did not deserve to be placed in prison and I never was. Because of John I am a free man today. John was with me the whole way. It has been almost a year since my case resolved and I still talk to John from time to time. He is always available to answer my questions and give my family and I advice regarding how to proceed with other legal situations. My family and I can never repay John for what he has done for us. We will be forever grateful!”