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Posted by on May 4, 2012

The Denver Post reports about an increase in Marijuana use among teenagers, which suggests that many parents, while they are very concerned with use “harder drugs” such as cocaine, heroin or methamphetamine, are relatively unconcerned with their children’s use of marijuana or illegal use of prescription medicines. While many anti-drug advocates believe that marijuana use may be an indicator of later use of other, more dangerous drugs, there are also those who disagree. The Marijuana Policy Project is a group that advocates legalization, and regulation, of marijuana in order to make it similar in its legal status to alcohol or tobacco. Their belief is that if marijuana were made legal for adults and regulated in the way that alcohol and tobacco are, that the connection between it and other illicit drugs might fade away.

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While opinions vary greatly on the issue of marijuana legalization, one thing that is clear is that the number of people being arrested for possessing, distributing, or growing marijuana is extremely high. Furthermore, it is clear that a person convicted of any crime faces severe long-term consequences. Even if the person avoids jail time, a criminal conviction can create difficulty keeping or finding employment or housing, and can prevent participation in government programs. Additionally, someone who has been convicted of a crime is statistically more likely to be charged with another crime in the future.

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