Sexual Assault on a Child

Sexual Assault on a Child

Sexual assault is always a serious crime, but sexual assault on a child is particularly aggressively prosecuted in Colorado. If you have been charged with sexual assault on a child, you need a lawyer who will defend you just as aggressively.  Not every Denver criminal defense attorney will take a sexual assault on a child case, and the stakes if you have been charged with this crime are very high. It is absolutely imperative that your attorney understand the law, the evidence, or lack of evidence, against you in the case, and how to advocate for you most effectively. When someone is accused of sexual assault on a child, there are several charges that may be filed, including:

  • Sexual assault on a child (SAOC)
  • Sexual assault on a child by one in a position of trust (SAOC-POT)
  • Sexual assault on a child by a pattern of misconduct (SAOC Pattern)

The qualifiers, such as position of trust and pattern of misconduct can have a significant impact on the potential sentencing in the event of a conviction.  Denver criminal defense attorney John Fuller understands that, as with every crime, not everyone who has been accused is guilty, and furthermore that everyone has the right to an aggressive defense.   He can protect your rights, and make sure that you understand when and how to speak with police.  Looking at the details of your case, he can look into various ways to demonstrate that the alleged crime never took place. In some cases, someone with a grudge may have made a terrible and false accusation. In some cases, a child who feels neglected may have made a false accusation in order to garner attention. These possibilities and more need to be investigated, so that a jury can see that an accusation does not automatically mean that your are guilty.


The Consequences Can Ruin Your Life

The consequences to sexual assault on a child can be severe:

  • Indeterminate Prison sentencing, which can result in spending your life in jail
  • Lifetime supervision
  • Registration as a sex offender
  • Prohibition from having contact with children, including your own


While sexual assault on a child is a very difficult charge to defend against, there are a number of strategies that an attorney may use to demonstrate reasonable doubt for a jury. Two relatively common examples of strategies for defending these charges are false accusations by a person with a grudge against the accused, and false accusations made by children seeking attention.

While not the same crime, the related charge of internet sexual exploitation of a child is also aggressively prosecuted, and carries some of the same severe consequences as sexual assault on a child. These charges may be filed when someone is accused of engaging in inappropriate sexual internet chat with children, or persuading children to send pictures over internet or by text message.


What Should You Do?

If you have been charged with sexual assault on a child, or internet sexual exploitation of a child, or if you are being investigated for one of these crimes, speak with an experienced Denver sexual assault lawyer immediately. Never speak to police without a lawyer; statements that you make to investigators can be extremely damaging, even if you are not admitting guilt. You need a lawyer who understands how prosecutors make their cases to help you know when and how to speak with investigators. The gravity of these charges makes it vital that you have the best possible defense counsel. John Fuller is a dedicated Denver criminal defense lawyer who understands how police investigate sexual assault on a child cases, and how prosecutors handle them. He can help you through every stage of the process to get the best possible outcome. Don’t let these serious charges ruin your life; for a FREE CASE EVALUATION call John Fuller immediately at (303)597-4500.