Sex Offender FAQ

Posted by on May 1, 2013


An audit by Central Coast Clinical and Forensic Psychology Services has found that the Colorado corrections system is falling well short of the goal of treatment for all convicted sex offenders, according to the Denver Post. Sex offenders are generally given indeterminate sentencing in Colorado, such as 5years to life. This means that it is very difficult to predict how much time a person will actually spend in prison for a sex offense. They are also sentenced to lifetime supervision. One thing this means is that they can’t be paroled until they have received treatment in prison, but each year only about 1/6 of all prisoners eligible for this treatment are able to begin. This causes a situation whereby many prisoners who are past there original parole eligibility date have not even been able to begin their mandatory treatment. The audit estimated that this is costing Colorado taxpayers something like $30 million dollars per year.

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The idea of sex crimes sparks a kind of righteous indignation in many people, which in turn often leads to incredibly severe punishments for people convicted of those crimes. While it is very easy to empathize with the victims of the terrible crimes we imagine, it is much harder to empathize with the perpetrators of those crimes. However, it is incredibly important to remember that everyone charged with a crime has rights, and every one is considered innocent under the law unless they are proven to be guilty. This righteous indignation has caused a number of laws to be enacted that treat all sex offenses, and all sex offenders, the same. These laws ignore the crime, and focus only on the phrase sex offense. As a result, many people who are not dangerous are spending inordinate periods of time in prison, and are subject to a state-ordered invasion of their privacy for the rest of their lives.

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