Prank Caller Arrested and Facing a Felony

Posted by on Jan 9, 2013

Prank calling is more often than not a non-malicious action that many teens do. However, have you ever thought of the consequences a prank call can have? According to the Gazette, it was one prank call too much for a young man. A prank call landed one man in jail and he is facing possible charges for falsely reporting explosives, a felony menacing charge and impersonating an officer. The man and his 14-year-old stepbrother made 114 prank calls. They identified themselves as the police and told residents that there were explosives outside their houses and they needed to evacuate. The 14-year-old and the man’s phone calls were traced after a man called 911 to confirm the threat. The 14-year-old was located at a local high school and the man Ty Graefox Chavez was arrested at his home. What may seem fun and like a good idea one second can have many consequences.

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It is only funny at the time…

There are some very serious charges that can be brought against someone who prank calls another individual. Prank calls can range from annoying hang-ups to false emergency calls. These calls are a waste of time for many individuals and waste the time of many emergency services. Prank calls are a criminal offense in many areas in the US and are considered telephone harassment. The Bureau of Justice identifies one example of stalking is making unwanted phone calls on at least two separate occasions. So if you have prank called and did not facing charges for your actions count yourself lucky. This act can not only mean you get charged with stalking but you can also be charged with harassment. Both of these are categorized under violent crimes and they can be misdemeanors or felony crimes depending on the severity of the incident. It is a very big deal when someone feels threatened by your actions that you do not repeat your behavior. Many times repeating your actions multiple times can mean that the police will get involved.

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