Plenty to Do on the 4th | Denver DUI Defense Lawyer

Posted by on Jul 3, 2012

Plenty to Do on the 4th | Denver DUI Defense Lawyer

As Independence Day approaches, in the middle of the week this year, the Denver Postreports on various activities around the Denver metro area that people can take their families to, as they celebrate the 4th of July holiday. The city of Denver is one of the few municipalities in the state that still plans to have a full fireworks show, which will take place as usual at the Denver City and County Building. This year, the show will be dedicated to Colorado’s fire fighters as they continue to risk their health and safety to protect the safety of the rest of us, and will once again feature the Colorado Symphony Orchestra. The Post offers a number of other suggestions of family-friendly Independence Day activities.

Top 5 Alcohol-Related Traffic Fatalities By Holiday From The Tafoya Law Firm
(This graphic used with permission from The Tafoya Law Firm Alaurice Tafoya-Modi.)

Many people will choose to include a beer, a glass of wine, or another alcoholic beverage in their celebrations. Please remember, if you are going out, and you will be drinking, to plan for a safe way to get home.

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As usual, the Colorado State Patrol is working with over 80 other law enforcement agencies across the state in “The Heat is On” campaign to try to “crack down” on drunk driving. While it is impossible to find fault in the goal of eliminating drunk driving and the unnecessary pain and suffering that it sometimes causes, unfortunately, overly-aggressive police officers do not always respect the rights of Coloradans whom they investigate. One of the major freedoms that we celebrate on the 4th of July is that everyone accused of a crime is innocent until proven guilty. According to Greeley DUI attorneys Grant, Hoffman & Kamada, P.C., being arrested for Driving Under the Influence of drugs or alcohol can be a life-changing event, resulting in fines, jail time, and loss of driver’s license. In some cases, you may even lose your job, or become unemployable in your chosen profession.

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