Naked Burglar Shot in Leg | Denver Criminal Defense Attorney

Posted by on Nov 2, 2012

According to The Denver Post an invader was shot after he broke into an apartment. The suspected burglar entered an East Colfax Avenue apartment building completely nude. He walked into an apartment of a couple with two young children. One of the apartment occupants asked the man to leave and according to both occupants reports the man refused. The occupant of the apartment armed himself and shot the suspected burglar in the leg. When talking to the police the man said that he was a nudest and it was just a misunderstanding.

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Burglaries are common in cities. Based on data from in 2010 there were a little over 4,500 burglaries in Denver, CO. Denver actually rankedĀ  higher than the US average that year for criminal activity. However, overall trend shows that there is a constant decrease of burglaries in Denver, CO. In 2010 Burglaries accounted for 13% of overall crime committed in the city. The most was theft.

Being graced with the presence of a nudist may not be such a rare even in Colorado as some would believe. According to Wikipedia Colorado is a nudist friendly state. There are over 12 clothing optional recreation areas in Colorado, making it a very popular place for nude hiking and going to hot springs in nude. Due the natural beauty of the state nudist colonies are attracted to the wilderness that our state has to offer. However, designated areas are the only accepted areas for not wearing clothing. When in city limits it is important to remember exposing yourself can have serious consequences.

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