Man Killed Wife Because She Asked

Posted by on Sep 3, 2013

cop-arrestAccording to, a Kentucky man says he shot and killed his wife because she asked him to end her suffering. Ernest Chris Chumbley, 48, of London, Ky., was arrested for the death of his wife after he allegedly shot her. Chumbley called police after he shot his wife and when police arrived they found him waiting in the couple’s living room and his wife was dead in their bedroom. He was then arrested and is being held on a $200,000 bond. Mr. Chumbley’s wife, 44-year-old Virginia M. Chumbley, had been fighting terminal breast cancer for many years and was not interested in any hospice care. Neighbors commented that “they were a loving couple.” Mr. Chumbley also stated, “I just did what she asked and I would expect no different from her if I was asking her.”

Facing criminal charges, especially murder charges, is a very serious thing and should be handled carefully. Prosecutors and judges have struggled to determine what level of punishment is appropriate in so-called mercy killings. Sentences have ranged from time served with probation and mental health treatment to – on rare occasions – life in prison.

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