Denver Police Officer Shot at City Park | Denver Defense Attorney

Posted by on Oct 16, 2012

CBS news reports that a female officer was fatally shot in the head at City Park. The officer was at City Park patrolling for a Jazz concert that occurs in the park annually. When the concert ended there ware 3 single shots were fired. As the crowd erupted and cleared out it was apparent that only the officer was shot. She was transported to a near by hospital where she was pronounced dead. The officer was a mother of two. The Mayor chose to not cancel anymore of the Jazz shows and police confirmed that this was an isolated incident. Denver Police have a man in custody.

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FBI statistics report that there are over 3,000 violent crimes in Denver in 2011. According to the Denver Post gun sales have gone up since 2010 and the after a poll in favor of stricter gun laws 41% of people polled supported stricter gun laws when in years before an average of 57% of people voted for stricter gun laws. In Denver gun laws are often described as ‘lax’. Denver permits concealment of weapons as long as the patron has a permit to conceal the firearm. In Denver it is also permitted to use deadly force to protect oneself or others from harm. And if an intruder enters a residence where the resident is a legal owner of the property that resident is allowed to use deadly force on the intruder whether they are armed or not.

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