Colorado legislature Is Considering A Bill That Would Require A DNA Sample

Posted by on Mar 11, 2013

MH_DNA_redblue_jan09According to the Denver Post, the Colorado legislature is considering a bill that would require a DNA sample to be provided to the state by anyone convicted of a misdemeanor crime in Colorado. Under “Katie’s Law,” all accused felons must provide a DNA sample. Some people believe that Katie’s Law has resulted in several cold cases being solved. Denver District Attorney Mitch Morrissey says that DNA collection has been upheld as constitutional by courts. Nevertheless, Denise Maes, policy director for the Colorado ACLU feels that this policy raises privacy concerns. The DNA collected would be added to the state DNA database, to be compared to DNA samples collected at crime scenes.
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Some people make the mistake of thinking that a misdemeanor charge is less serious than a felony charge, however if even for a misdemeanor offense, a person may spend up to a year in jail, plus you face a number of less tangible repercussions. Many people may feel that their privacy is violated by having their DNA added to the database, you could lose your job, and there can be financial repercussions to a misdemeanor conviction. The fact is, any criminal charges are a big deal, and should be taken seriously . When you have been arrested, or if you think that you may be arrested, you need to speak with an experienced Denver criminal defense attorney immediately to protect your rights.
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