3 Minors Charged | Littleton Criminal Defense Attorney

Posted by on Sep 6, 2012

Three minors have been charged with second degree burglary and other offenses after apparently being caught breaking into homes in Littleton, according to KDVR news. After a burglary was reported in the middle of the afternoon, three boys were found hiding in houses that were not their own and arrested. There is no report of any specific items stolen and because the suspects are juveniles, their names have of course not been released.

Has your minor child been charged with a criminal offense? Contact an experienced Littleton criminal defense attorney immediately to protect your family’s rights.

Criminal charges against minors can become extremely complicated. In some instances, minors may be charged as adults, but in many cases they are not. There are privacy concerns that are unique to cases involving minors, and in many cases, as a parent, your primary concern may be protecting your child’s future. In some cases, the severity of consequences that attend small offenses by minors can seem to be out of line.

If your child has been charged with a crime, contact a dedicated Littleton criminal defense attorney with experience in juvenile justice immediately. Don’t let one mistake ruin your child’s future, and don’t leave that future to chance. Littleton criminal defense attorney John Fuller has worked with numerous families in Colorado, ensuring that people’s rights are protected while facing criminal charges. Dealing with the criminal justice system is stressful and frightening; John can help your family by taking that stress away, and fighting hard for your rights. For more information and a FREE CASE EVALUATION, contact attorney John R. Fuller today at (303)597-4500.

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